25 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas Show | Ball Control Challenge”

  1. soccer, football, futbol and many other names to call it…. we do not need to pick one name as long as we can agree that it is a beautiful game…. i dont get why 87 people liked your comment

  2. Australians can call it soccer as their version of football uses to foot and so earns the name football. Americans with their hand based game can piss off

  3. hey were getting better atleast right? For right now we won’t be as good as the Europeans and other parts of the world but remember it’s still a new sport here and its still developing. Believe me half the country thinks the sport is for pussies for some reason but just give it time.

  4. So. Landon Donovan cant play ‘soccer’? Clint Dempsey cant play ‘soccer’? Tim Howard cant play ‘soccer’? Why does Beckham say the MLS is an extremely passionate league?

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