Cesc Fabregas also praises Eden Hazard highly

Ray Wilkins just like Cesc Fabregas also rates Eden Hazard highly and reckons that there is not a big difference between him and Lionel Messi if one compares the sheer footballing skills of the two players.

Wilkins reckons that it can’t be said at this stage that Hazard 100% matches Messi as a player, but, the Belgian is surely there and thereabouts and is not lying behind by a big margin.

Fabregas had recently suggested that apart from Messi, there is no other player in the world who has got more potential than Hazard, but, the only problem with Hazard is that he is not as selfish as he should be.

According to Fabregas, rather than finding the net himself, Hazard tends to make opportunities for the others to score and that is why, he has not been able to make as big a name for himself as he could have.

Fabregas revealed that he had advised Hazard to get a little selfish on certain occasions and try and register the goal to his own name rather than just assisting it because it’s the number of goals only which would get him into the list of elite footballers.

Antonio Conte though, who is the current coach of both Fabregas and Hazard, had differed with his views when he was asked about it and had made it clear that he would not like any of his players to think selfishly because his philosophy of soccer doesn’t allow that.

While Wilkins also did not opine that Hazard should turn selfish and start searching goals for Didier and Nicholas himself not giving priority to the team, he did support Fabregas’ comment about Hazard having as much potential as anyone else barring Messi.

Wilkins was in charge of Chelsea back in the mid-seventies.