25 thoughts on “Beats by Dre | The Game Before The Game”

  1. This is how the game is won. +Beats by Dre presents “The Game Before The
    Game”. #GameBeforeTheGame

  2. ”…In the end of times, you will see them have musical instruments on
    there heads…” – Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

  3. Of course they have to corrupt the ad with vulgar things, innapropiate
    scenes and blasphemy music..the music is the opposite to the message at the

  4. J’aime trop cette vidéo ! =D je l’ai vu au moins une trentaine de fois !!
    (si c’est pas plus) ^^ Mdr. En plus Neymar Jr, il est super…. ! ♥ ;)

  5. I want one pair of those so bad ……. 🙁 It’s my birthday in 2 days and
    my dad will be away for a whole week at the other side of the world
    (America) where they are easier to find and as much as I beg him he won’t
    buy me them.
    He says they are way too expensive but he is buying my mom way more
    expensive gifts.
    I’ve worked my ass off studying to get in the best middle school in my
    country and achieve to get the lower (i’m 12) and get second place at a
    judo competition (my win is at my channel «MY BEST ippon ever» by the way»
    I don’t want to be grinny and whinny but don’t you think I deserve a ******

  6. I love how people
    go to a beats youtube video
    just to post in the comments
    how much they hate beats

  7. And here I was thinking it was just men kicking an object around a field
    and a pair of headphones. Apparently it’s a battle for victory, motivation
    and inspiration led by warriors wearing God’s armour and having the
    trumpets of glory blasted in their ears! HOLY SHIT DUDE

  8. This commercial gives me chill (good ones) sucks that we have to wait till
    2018 for the next world cup

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