Jose Mourinho speaking something positive about Arsene Wenger

It’s not often that you get to hear the Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho speaking something positive about Arsene Wenger, but, yesterday was one of those rare days.

Mourinho said Wenger is fantastic as far as the managerial skills are concerned and his boys would make Chelsea’s title defence pretty tough in the 2015-16 Season.

Mourinho’s relationship with Wenger has never been good, but, the previous season, it soured to the maximum and the two had almost gone to the distance of getting physical with each other during a game.

Mourinho had also taken a dig at the fact that Wenger had constantly been there holding his post at Arsenal despite not being able to win them as many trophies as he should.

Mourinho had said at that time that he would never hold onto his post for that long without providing returns to the club.

In Mourinho’s words, “He must have had some sort of specialization in failing. He just keeps failing. I am telling you I would never stay there if I don’t produce the results. Eight Seasons, it’s a long, long time you know.”

Mourinho perhaps should not have used that ‘specialization’ word and he even drew a bit of criticism for that, but, he had not held back at all in expressing what his opinion was about his Arsenal counterpart.

Now, all of a sudden, for him to come out and speak such respectful words for Wenger, it’s slightly indigestible.

However, Mourinho is not off the mark in saying that Arsenal can give Chelsea a run for the money next season.

The Gunners were brilliant in the second half of the last season and looking at the current composition of their squad, they will definitely be a threat for the other top teams.