25 thoughts on “[HD] David Villa Heavily Slaps Mesut Ozil (Özil) Football/Soccer Fight”

  1. every1 who says barca dont dive is gay!!! FCB-fucking cry babies they playing the ref diving alot like busquets pedro marcherano(who is the biggest joke of them all) xavi iniesta i dont care if they do but barca should play fairplay nw its only amezing play> BUT MAN CITY IS COMING TO FUCK PUTA BARCA!!!!!!!!!

  2. @jim412516 Exactly everyone say’s ‘barca dives barca dives” but really realize who you are defending the king of divers. ” ronaldo, di maria, ramos, alonso’ i could list the whole if i wanted to but im too tired. VISCA EL BARCA!

  3. barca plays the most amazing football in the world. that’s why they won the CL.
    and guys, i’ve seen some comments about barca players diving. but what about the players on real madrid? atleast i know this one guy who dives a lot and his name is christiano ronaldo. hes also a great player and scores a lot of goals. but just saying..almost most of the players dive these days. so u can’t really say “barca dives so they don’t deserve the tittles they have earned”

  4. @MaleBosszz okay how do u know barca talk nasty? from the press? wooow. good source. and real madrid play dirty. did u see the marcelo tackle? and barca aren’t the divers. do u remeber that ronaldos on ur team? barca plays beautiful football. and if i recall, ozil was the one sent off. not villa

  5. @Phonmixay I agree Barcalona doesn’t deserve to win they always talk nasty when playing Messi falls a 100 times mascherano does like he has been shot in his legg while the other player didnt even touch him

  6. @KingDcome11 yes two penalties for madrid you go watch it one was a hand ball and the other was the goalie trip ronaldo with his hand pay attention next time okay they shoulg have won not cheatalona

  7. @KingDcome11 HEY SOB,U MUST BE FCUKING BLIND.didnt ur whore bitch mum and ur agent pimp dad gave u a pair for eye?its was clearly fcukldes trip CR.FCUK BARCA,and most importantly,FCUK UUUUU.THANK YOU.

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