Chelsea playmaker Cesc Fabregas says he is not worried one bit about his age. The aging midfielder has been in the spotlight for long. He started out early at Arsenal despite being a product of the popular La Masis academy. He became a leader at a young age until he went in search of trophies at the Nou Camp. He returned to England where he has been prolific at Stamford Bridge.

The Spanish star has a year left on his deal but there are no talks yet for an extension. If talks begin, it would likely not be more than a year addition. At 30 years, Fabregas might soon start slowing down but he has dismissed such thoughts.

Cesc Fabregas seems to have lost his influence in the Spanish national side

CescFabregas seems to have lost his influence in the Spanish national side as he was not included in Vicente del Bosque’s starting lineup of Spain’s 2016 Euro Qualification matches which were played against Ukraine and Luxembourg.

Xavi Alonso and Xavi Hernandez both decided to retire from playing at the international scene and it was believed that Fabregas was going to be the next big playmaker of Spain but it hasn’t happened as the Chelsea player is not a consistent starter for Vicente del Bosque who prefers to use other players.

Fabregas took the chance to reveal details concerning his current position in Spain as he told reporters: “I do not believe I have lost my place in the starting team as I was never an automatic pick. The important thing is to be involved, to play well. If not, the teammate who plays will do well, for sure. I have no doubts about that. I always back my teammate. Every player wants to play, but if the coach decides not to pick you, it is because there are better options. In any case, the team is above everything.”

With the likes of: Iniesta, Busquets, David Silva, Koke, SantiCazorla, Isco and Diego Costa. Selecting a team makes it difficult for Vicente del Bosque as he has to choose from a plethora of talented players and some good players will have to be left out from certain matches and Fabregas is the one who has been left out from the recent matches of Spain. Continue reading Cesc Fabregas seems to have lost his influence in the Spanish national side

Cesc Fabregas – New Name in Football History Books

Cesc Fabregas joined Chelsea on June of 2014 but the Spanish midfielder is already writing his name on the history books of the Premier League by breaking records and has turned into the player that has provided more assists for his teammates in less appearances than any other player.

The statistics have shown that Fabregas has made 82 assists in less than 250 Premier League matches which is a better record and statistic than Eric Cantona and Didier Drogba.

Another statistic also popped up which confirmed that Fabregas has racked up more assists for Chelsea in this season than Jack Wilshere has managed to do for Arsenal in his entire career. Continue reading Cesc Fabregas – New Name in Football History Books

Cesc Fabregas Opens Up On His Attraction Towards Chelsea

Explaining his shift from Barcelona to Chelsea continues but the decision has not yet stopped. In 2011 from Arsenal he had joined Barcelona.

When he was up for sale he was all set to return to the Stadium of Emirates. As fate would have preferred it, he did not go to Arsenal rather to Chelsea as Chelsea took him up.

An offer of 27 million Euros is the estimated price which made Cesc Fabregas jumped to the opportunity. Debate is still going on between the fans of Chelsea and Arsenal whether Fabregas’s initial choice was the Blues. Time and again Cesc Fabregas has to address the issue. Fabregas pointed out that it was the manager of Chelsea which was the most important factor that drove him towards the team. He values the boss Mourinho. He wanted to view the transfer as a challenge. At the moment going by the records, Chelsea is a better side in comparison to Arsenal.

The Blues are a strong team with Fabregas, Filipe Luis and Diego Costa. Returning to London was an opportunity for Fabregas and this was the primary reasons for joining Chelsea. He has some amazing memories of London and that is reason he likes coming back. The place is like second home for him. It does appear from all angles that Chelsea and Fabregas has lot more in common which is precisely the reason for a perfect match between them. The debate has not stopped yet as continues debates are still on whether Fabregas was a better player when he was in Arsenal or when he joined Chelsea. He is the solid force which keeps Chelsea moving with the flow. It is a player who makes the greatest impact on the team. He also acts as an inspiration for all.