24 thoughts on “David Beckham – A Footballers story – Documentary”

  1. beckham is shit, hes the worlds richest football player but he cant play a full 90 minutes


  3. beckham may not be a technical gifted player that possessed great dribbling abilities, but u should look the kind of player he is when he is playing against Greece,he show tremendous heart,no giving up ..he scores the 90 minutes free kicks goals,probably the reason pele takes him as the 100 greatest footballer in the world

  4. Rough life being famous, it’s ups and downs for sure.

    People following you and sitting outside your house filming taking pictures is definitely crossing the line big time.

  5. ronaldo is the perfect athlete. i did not dispute that. his dancing around was used as a figure of speech in reference to his flashy stepovers. and i did not compare beckham to any of the mentioned names. i pointed out a difference if anything. however any true football fan knows that different players are effective in different ways. to say david beckham brought nothing to the table , pretty boy or not, is absolute ignorance and pure bias against him.

  6. Mate you talk shit Ronaldo is the perfect athlete complete from every angle you cannot compare him to that, hes more of a fashion model than a footballer

  7. “overrated”. a word used too freely in the world of football. perhaps because he didnt dance around like ronaldo or score unbelievable solo goals like messi, or have the flair of luis figo who played in a similar position, people underestimate him and claim he is overrated. a true football fan saw how valuable his vision, range of passing , and his pin point crossing were to any side. united depended on it (yorke, cole, rvn), real madrid overlooked it and realized his value too late.

  8. agree with ya…. he’s more than an actor or fashion man than a great or good footballer

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