25 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas – Nike Tiempo Air Legend II”

  1. Fabregas wears ctrs now but he’s also a Tiempo player, that’s why he’s such a great team player with the vision and passing in Arsenal 🙂

  2. concord are shit :L, i did this thing where you hit the ball into a ballon thing and it would tell the speed my kick, with the ledgends i did it in 61.6 and with concords i did it in 55.5 and it supposed to make you kick harder hahaa, ledgends are the best boots youu can buy.

  3. hiya mate, saw your comment on the air legend? Have you played in them yet? What do the air legends offer? I got trials soon and my predators are too small and do you think i should get these?

  4. I just got a pair of these today. They are excellent for people with wide feet (like me). The touch is fantastic and they are nice and light. I prefer these by far to Adipures.

  5. nah dude. the air legends are definitely more durable but anyway I wore the mystic 1 and the air legend 2, overall the legend is definitely lighter and more comfortable. btw if you like the tiempos you should really check out adidas’s ADIPURES. not bad I think. light and comfy.

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