25 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas Interview 23.11.09”

  1. You know, I dont think Wegner should have made him captain. No that he
    doesn’t deserve it, because he is indeed the heart and soul of the club but
    because it places so much pressure on him. It also forces him into this
    train of thought where he feels personally guilty if something is not right
    in the team, and could encourage him considering a move to Barca because he
    feels like he has done everything here. Same with Henry, i think. But
    overall, fantastic player, I really look up to him!

  2. He’s fluent but still has a heavy accent! I want to speak spanish like

  3. He had many time living in London and It’s very great you accent British.
    RESPECT from Venezuela. I wish that he come back to Emirates Stadium. Come
    on Arsenal.

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