25 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas Goals & Assists 2013 – 14 HD”

  1. He’s not in Barca’s plans for next year. Says something about him as a
    player if they don’t want him. I won’t cry if he doesn’t sign for Man utd,
    personally Strootman is better. 

  2. as a united fan, I actually don’t want him to join united…hes a gunner
    and i dont feel comfortable of him playing for united

  3. Cesc is great. He is pure attacking midfielder with sharp pin point
    passing. He’s not Xavi-esque though. Just put him at the right position and
    he would rage up the opponent defenders.

  4. I think he’s not playing for barça next season. I think he’s going back to
    the Barclays league

  5. Really don’t know why Barcelona wants to get him go this summer ? He’s
    going to replace Xavi in near future, isn’t it?

  6. why does barcelona not want him? is he not good enough? always thought he
    was going to replace xavi especially since thiago is gone 

  7. Seems like he’s set to leave Barca this summer, hope Man Utd get him since
    Arsenal don’t need him when they have Ozil.
    Also disappointing that the assists barely consisted of through balls that
    split the defence.

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