25 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas admits to Arsenal ‘frustration’”

  1. when i see barcelona, i think that a.iniesta makes barcelona tick, xavi is fantastic and of course messi, who is a genius, but a.iniesta is just a fantastic player and is the best in the barcelona side behind messi. xavi and a.iniesta improve messi’s game so much, but i have seen enought from messi in this years copa america to suggest messi can play well in a team without xavi and a.iniesta.

    fabregas will be a great addition but it would not be the end of the world if he did not sign 2011-12.

  2. @FTFproductions09

    I say whatever i want to you fuck, and yes of course Xavi is way better and Cesc atm doesn’t come close to him, all the Spanish fans admit that Xavi is the best, Cesc will be better than him in the future? hahhahahahahaha looooooool you just made my day, you really know nothing about football because obviously you support those kiddish team “Arsenal” grow up you whore and know little about football and btw Cesc is 24 not 23, clearly you lack of knowledge about players too.

  3. @TheLOVEMANU Haha it’s funny you say that because Xavi played the whole world cup final and Cesc was just for a wee bit of time and guess what?!? He made the assist for the victory at age 23, Cesc is one of the best midfielders and he’s young. Who knows maybe he will be better than Xavi probably will and “ruin his future with Arsenal”. At least at Arsenal he can gain sportsmanship you cheating fucks, Arsenal made him what he is you just let him go like some worthless piece of shit.

  4. Listen Barca fans, why spend 40m on someone who’s going to be on the bench?
    I hate it when you comment saying “just because of that stupid contract” and shit like that. The man is happy, sure he wants to win trophies and he will, this season WE will. And those who think otherwise can suck our dicks.

  5. Where will he play if he comes to Barcelona? we have Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets in the middle of the field!!!!! Barca fans all around the world depend on those 3, and surly Cesc is a great player but he is no way near Xavi or Iniesta, so no thanks and stay at Arsenal, I wont say Busquets because he is a defensive midfielder, so it has nothing to do with Cesc’s place on the field, anyhow, let him stay with that old hag wegner and ruin his future with Arsenal

  6. these guys need to have more confidence n belief.. RVP gervinho nasri fabregas walcott wilshere ramsey (who’s gonna shine soon n become a monster) sagna vermaelen koscielny sczesny thts a preety solid team tho i think wenger can work on the defense alil more n hopefully players like asharvin n rosicky can get back to their best form.. the cup’s gonna start coming . BELIEVE IT

  7. @TicklesMeSillyYou nasri is not a manchester city player buddy what the fuck are you talking about. and why are you mentioning clichy? did i say to keep him? no….. so the fact that you are pointing out clichy is a man city player is pretty irrelevant to me. kieran gibbs is far superior to him anyway.

  8. Barca need to pull out of Cesc talks immediately. At the moment he wants to succeed at arsenal and not with us.
    He knows where he comes from and he will return when he is good and ready. Probably after arsenal secure a trophy, but if we take him now we risk him resenting us and the club. At the moment arsenal could make better use for him anyway, so lets just leave cesc at the gunners and concentrate on Madrid.
    Next year we should bid for him. Cesc come home, back to where it all began. Barca!

  9. @MrJoseph1966 Dont be so stupid he has given everything for arsenal and played a lot of the last two seasons injured. last year when we played barcelona he finished the game with a fractured leg because he wanted us to win. Dont criticise his attitude he has been a massive servant to us and his head has been turned by his boyhood club managed by his idol give him a break

  10. let him leave. who gives a shit its time for a change anyways maybe we’ll start winning trophies without this soft cunt. but please wenger please please please make sure you do not let nasri leave pay him whatever he wants and put him in the central attacking role he wants and then bring in cahill or samba followed with a goal scoring forward (fuck gervinho absolute waste of money)

  11. Its obvious he wants trophys and he isn’t going to get any in the BPL, Barca gotta sign him soon… guardiola said he would change his formation to 3-4-3.. but we will see how that goes..

  12. @Scudeyyy I totally agree…this guy must be kidding….La liga for pussies… Henry for instance…one of the best players right now if not the best one…. last season in Spain… just a hint…

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    Please Watch my Vlog about Arsenal, Transfers, The new Away Kit, Cecs and Nasri Plus more….. Just go to my Channel: afcghk

  16. Cesc Fabregas was a great asset until 18-months ago. Now his attitude is all wrong and he has not earned his salary over the past 12-months. Playing under protest and it shows. 3 for 1 is a great deal. If he stayed it will become a weakness for the the club and not a strength point…..it will be better for the club to sell him if they want trophies they can bring another players with a good attitude so they can win titles….that doesn’t mean that fabre is unfaithful but this is for the club

  17. I Don’t See Him Taking Xavi Or Inestas Place In Barcalonas Starting 11. He Doesn’t Even Play For Spain Much Because Of This. Well, If He Goes He’ll Be Enjoying His Season No The Bench Just Like Hleb Did!

  18. Sounds to me like he’s saying: “I want to leave but I just can’t say it because I don’t want to upset the fans, my team mates and Wenger because I owe them a lot.”

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