25 thoughts on “Arsenal Stunners – Stunning Goals from Arsenal Football Club”

  1. idiot just because i’m from new zealand doesn’t mean i’m on the fucking band wagon…i’ve supported city since they just came in backto the premier league in 2000… you arsenal fans must have a lot to laugh about eh?

  2. Haha you are so funny. Fuck of you pathetic little cunt. Iv looked at your channel and you seem to like to tell the same joke over and over on different videos. Before Mansour and his 500 million pounds City were utter shite so I suggest you fuck off back to your little Kiwi land and stop being a bandwagon supporter. City will not make it far in Europe next year and they will get their arse kicked by Man Utd Chelsea Arsenal in the league.I just can’t fucking stand little pieces of shits like you

  3. this makes me want to cry, oh how we miss you glory days.. with RVP destined to leave, i cant see us being a major force next season unless kroenke provides wenger with money, and wenger fucking SPENDS! seeing chelsea fans celebrate wildly after winning the ucl made me sad

  4. “and its tony adams put through by steve bould,would you believe it? that… sums it all up”-what a team what legends- adams,bould,dixon,winterburn .there ll never be a better defense in entire of football.they are the best.

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